Lack of multimedia in fedora is one of my major complaints. This is intended for our newbies that have problems setup multimedia for mp3 music and dvd playback.

1. Not being able to work my way aroud xmms in fedora core 1 I discover Zinf player and you can read the post for more info.

2. My favorite player is without a doubt XMMS and its what I used in fedora core 2 and now in FC 3. A very small application with many capabilities. To have mp3 playback you need the xmms-mp3 plugin. This plugin being listed is for FC3. You can find same plugin in that site for FC1 and 2. Also availabe for FC 64 versions. Now import your mp3's or music.

3. In FC3 I decided to try Rythmbox which is a very good music player too. You need gstreamer-mp3 plugin. The one listed here is also for FC3. You can search the site according to your vesion. You may need some extra dependecies such as , libid3tag and libmad.
Download them to a folder and do a group installation:
a. cd name_of_folder
b. become root and type: rpm -ivh *
c. this command will install everthing.
d. when done run this command: gst-register-0.8
e. now you can import your mp3's and to rythmbox and enjoy your music.
THIS IS THE YUM COMMAND, it will install everything for you:
yum install gstreamer-plugins-mp3
yum install xmms-mp3
FunkyRes showed me how to do online music using Rythmbox.
You need to have mp3 support in gstreamer (can play mp3 files in Rhythmbox)

Download a shoutcast playlist file from

I right click on the "tune in" button and choose "save link as"

It will end in a .pls

Then from Rhythmbox -

Choose the radio option (opposed to Library)
Go to the Music menu and choose

Playlist -> Load from file ...

Select the .pls file, and it should show up in your internet radio stations. Choose it and press Play.
Same concept applies to XMMS. For DVD playback I use Ogle and if you have your yum repo's setup you can always use yum to install.

I will not get in a lot details about Ogle but this is the yum command:
yum install ogle
Kaffeine is another great player for dvd and mp3 music you can also use yum to install it:
yum install kaffeine
it only needs one dependency and yum will install it for you.

I dont use mPlayer or Totem (only in mandrake) so I am not posting much info about them. See attachment.
BTW dont forget to check for more support.

Rythmbox website. XMMS website Ogle website

Read this thread for more info about RealPlayer for Linux