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    Howto Install NVIDIA 3D Drivers

    **NOTE** If you are running Ubuntu Linux, this process is neither necessary nor recommended. Instead, go to System->Administration->Hardware Drivers and follow the prompts to install a proper driver for your system.

    I find myself retelling how to manually install the NVIDIA 3D drivers an awful lot. Here's a short tutorial that should work on any distro:

    **Installing the Drivers**

    1. Make sure you have the kernel-sources, gcc and make packages installed.

    2. Download the latest driver from Nvidia's site

    3. Go into runlevel 3 (no GUI). This can be acheived several ways:

    a) By typing CTRL+ALT+F1(or F2-F6), then logging in as root and typing init 3

    b) By typing a 3 at the GRUB boot prompt.

    c) By editing your /etc/inittab. See below for details.

    d) Debian/Ubuntu users may need to use /etc/init.d/gdm stop instead.

    4. Log in as root user, if you aren't already.

    5. Find the driver you just downloaded and run it using something like sh

    6. If it gives you any of the errors below, ignore them and continue:

    a) It warns you about rivafb support.
    b) It tells you it can't find a precompiled kernel module off the Nvidia website.

    7. Stay logged in as root and type modprobe nvidia

    NOTE:As of version 8174 of the Nvidia driver, you no longer need to manually edit your xorg.conf file. Skip steps 8 and 9 if you are installing this version or newer.

    8. Edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf in the section marked "Devices" that looks something like this:
    Section "Device"
        Identifier  "Nvidia Geforce 2"
        Driver      "nv"
    9. Change the "nv" line to "nvidia"

    NOTE: Some distributions use XFree86 instead of The steps are the same, you're simply editing a different file: the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file.

    10. Log out as root, and back in as a regular user, then type startx

    11. If you see the Nvidia logo flash then you're done. If not your X Windows will error out. Start a thread, post the errors, and we'll try and help you from there.

    **Editing your /etc/inittab**
    Some distributions require you to edit your /etc/inittab file in order to boot in to non-graphical mode, which is required in order to install the Nvidia drivers. Here is how you do it:

    1. Log in as root user from a console window by typing su and your root (administrator) password when it prompts you.

    2. Open up your /etc/inittab file with a simple text editor. Any one will do but I like pico, so for example purposes that's what I'll use:
    pico /etc/inittab
    3. Look for a line that looks something like this:
    4. Change the 5 to a 3

    5. Save the file and reboot.

    6. Once Linux goes through its regular boot screens you should be greeted with a simple text login screen. Continue from step 4 above.

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