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    RedHat 9 only utilities launched from command line

    NOTE: if you read the tutorial and are still experiencing difficulties and would like help, you are asked to start a new topic on the forums.
    Please do NOT reply to this thread to ask a technical question. Replies to THIS thread should be corrections and enhancements on the tutorial/howto only.
    Thanks in advance for your co-operation.


    RedHat 9 only utilities launched from command line
    Copyrighted 2003 flw/Dan Last updated 08/22/03

    You will need roots password for most or all of these functions. Utilities that are not RedHat specific are generally like KDE/Gnome/Wine apps are not included although I did include some misc. stuff. How to's that are already covered at this site are generally not discussed. So as a example if you want to know more about the command line, then go to the command line tutorial same for winmodems, VNC etc...

    Note: Some of these will also work on some older versions but not all. The older the version, the less likely it will work.

    Utiltities are as follows:

    redhat-config-bind &, Configure Domain Name Service

    redhat-config-date &, Set date, time zone

    redhat-config-httpd &, Apache Web Server Administration

    redhat-config-keyboard &, Configure keyboard type

    redhat-config-kickstart &, Create automatic install script

    redhat-config-language &, Set system language

    redhat-config-mouse &, Configure mouse type and settings

    redhat-config-network &, Manage network device and settings

    redhat-config-network-druid &, Create network device, connection

    redhat-config-nfs &, Configure network file system

    redhat-config-packages &, Mangage system software

    redhat-config-printer &, Create, edit and mangage printers

    redhat-config-proc &, Manage kernel settings, processes

    redhat-config-rootpassword &, Set or change root password

    redhat-config-samba &, Manage a Samba (SMB) server

    redhat-config-securitylevel &, Configure firewall service

    redhat-config-services &, Start, stop, and restart services.

    redhat-config-soundcard &, Configure RedHat for sound

    redhat-config-time &, Set system date and time zone

    redhat-config-users &, Manage RedHat users

    redhat-config-xfree86 &, Conifgure RedHat desktop interface settings

    redhat-switch-mail &, Toggle mail of sendmail or postfix email services

    redhat-switch-printer &, Toggle use of LPRng or Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) services

    "lokkit", basic graphical firewall tool

    "gnome-lokkit", Gnomes basic graphic firewall tool

    Wireless devices

    "iwconfig", used to setup wireless network name, encryption, transmission rate along with misc. features.

    "iwlist", Displays information about existing wireless devices such a speed or frequency.

    "iwpriv", Sets optional features such as roaming.

    "iwspay" displays statistics of wireless nodes.

    Misc stuff

    When installing Redhat it will ask if you want to create a "Boot Disk". You will say yes and create on. It like your spare tire. If you ever need it you'll be very glad you have it.

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    nice ones..

    thanks a lot for sharing..

    some of them i use them regularly from now on..

    thanks a lot..


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