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    Re-Installing/Repairing gcc and other packages in text mode

    I installed Linux 9.1 on an old Pentium II 266 MHz desktop with 64 MB of RAM. I am running in text mode, and I have it set up as a webserver which I control by SSH remotely. The software bundled with the distro run fine (Apache 2, PHP 4, Postfix). I am trying to get MySQL, Cyrus IMAP, and Phorum running on it, but I can install the software. I run a ./configure on any of new software I wish to install, I get a 'No C compiler found in $PATH'. I didn't have this problem on another PC with a similar version of Linux.

    Is there a way to repair/reinstall the C compiler (It's gcc I believe) from the command line without performing a fresh install?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Do a google for
    gcc rpm mandrake 9.1
    . It should bring up several sites with the rpm available. Download and install. That should solve your problem.

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    If you haven't touched urpmi config files, don't know what urpmi is and you have the installation CDs at hand, execute:

    urpmi gcc
    It should ask you for the correct CDs and install the gcc compiler.

    You can do this with any package that comes with Mandrake. If there exists more than one package with the name you gave, it presents you with a list of packages with that name, so that you can choose from them.


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