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    KTorrent problems

    For some reason, when I launch ktorrent, in goes into the backround system processes, but does not show up in the panel...and I cannot open the program to view any progress....any ideas?

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    Edit ~/.kde/share/config/ktorrentrc and Set showSystemTrayIcon=true.

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    I'll try it

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    All of a sudden I'm having a similar problem. Not only ktorrent does not appear in the tray icon, as it usually did, but the whole system gets slow, hangs intermittently (but not totally); when I look at ksysguard, there are always TWO ktorrent processes, when I suspect that should be only one.

    It was working just fine before, the only change I did recently was an update which was related with adobe acrobat. :/

    edit 1: ops, I'm highly suspicious that it may have to do with the fact that I'm seriously running out of disk space...

    edit 2: apparently wasn't that. I cleaned the space, but the problem persists... I'll try to restart, anyway. BTW, I have to try to kill ktorrent multiple times in order to it actually stop running. There's no message explaining why it wouldn't be killed immediately, it just remains there.

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    OK, aparently solved, or almost. I think that there was something wront with the temp files, not the ones which are actually going to be the files we want to download, but the ones somewhere in .kde. I've edited the /home/user/.kde/ktorrentrc in a line that was referring to these temps to another empty directory, and then it started normally. Or so I think it is normally: in fact, two instances appear in ksysguard for a short while, then only one remains. The GUI also appears normally, and then I've added the torrents again; the program seem to aknowledge what was already downloaded despite of the blank "hidden" temp files... however I'm not yet sure if it will really resume these downloads.

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