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    Red face Where ca I download Mandrake 9.1?

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know where it is possible to get a download of Mandrake 9.1. I'm trying to create a dual-boot of Redhat 9.0 and WinXP and have been told that I can't use the partitioning tool that is within Redhat as it won't recognise the NTFS. It was recommended that I get Mandrake 9.1 and create my Linux partition with this and then change over and install the Redhat. Is this correct, or am I wandering around in a fog?

    All help appreciated. In English please, I'm one of those IT students who has never managed to catch the jargon.

    Cheers Claire

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    Hello: I've never used Redhat so I'm not sure about that part. Mandriva (as it's now called) has a wonderful partitioning tool called DiskDrake.

    I'm not sure why someone would suggest such an early version of Mandriva / Mandrake. If all you want is the partitioning tool then you could get hold of Mandriva One. In any case there are far fewer bugs in later editions of Mandriva.

    Basically Mandriva One is a live cd: meaning it's designed to boot and run off your CD drive. If you click on the 'Install' option on a Mandriva One desktop it should bring up DiskDrake at some point, but there's always a danger that it might try to 'commit' you into installing the whole operating system.

    I've tried using DiskDrake without wanting a full install and all I did was reboot when it had finished reformating my partition: it's dirty but it worked for me! Linux is flexible enough to let you get away with these things sometimes. I did this only last week when I screwed up my operating system. The fact that I can still run my PC after that is down to the power and flexibility of the tools available to all of us.

    Other live CDs can help you to partition your hard drive. Knoppix used to ship with QTParted which may handle NTFS, and this must be run as root. It may appear less intuitive than DiskDrake (at least I found it so) but your experiences may differ.

    Also bear in mind that to run a live cd you will need to change the boot order of your computer through your BIOS settings. Hit delete at the right time when booting and choose advanced options. Make 'CD' the first choice for booting.

    - fingal
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    If all you need is a tool to manage partitions, then just download parted magic or gparted.

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