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    Quote Originally Posted by Dapper Dan View Post
    Default desktop environment for Mandriva is still KDE right? Do it with kcron. It should be in your menu. If not, from the command line:
    kdesu kcron

    By the way ..i dun have the kron in my mandriva

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffrey_seeNJ
    u mean i have to type chmod + x name of my script to make it excutable???
    Quote Originally Posted by jeffrey_seeNJ
    Sounds difficult....any easier method like using xmod + ???
    You have to use xmod in any case. It sets the x bit to let Linux know it's executable. Otherwise it won't execute no matter how you run it.

    BTW, there is no space between + and x.

    I've never used kcron, so I don't know about that, but I find it quite simple to just keep a little text file around, crontab.txt, which I edit as desired and simply run the command indicated. Once you've submitted the file, cron will run the commands in the file at the times in the file. And it keeps working, even after a reboot, until you tell crontab otherwise.

    The only thing remotely complicated is that you have to have the file format correct. But it's well documented by the command man 5 crontab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffrey_seeNJ View Post
    By the way ..i dun have the kron in my mandriva
    Unless Mandriva has a crontab editor of its own:
    From the command line as su:
    urpmi kcron
    Here's a screen for you...
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