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    Latest kernel update grub problem


    I updated to the latest kernel - well at least the download manager said that it was available and I said download.
    I did have a triple boot system.
    At boot the grub gives me

    Mandriva spring linux 2007
    Madriva Linux safe mode
    Windows Xp
    Linux = 2.6.17-14
    Linux = 2.6.17-15

    The yellow penguin appears and then the graphics fails - can't get past go

    Originally the grub gave me

    Mandriva spring linux 2007
    Madriva Linux safe mode
    Windows Xp
    Ubuntu safe

    I've lost Ubuntu - which also had a kernel upgrade to 2.6.15-29

    To be replaced with the two choices of.

    Linux = 2.6.17-14
    Linux = 2.6.17-15

    The mandriva gives me a failed graphics.
    Xp boots and is Ok.

    Has the new mandriva kernel screwed things up?
    How can I get the ubuntu boot back?
    How can i get mandriva back?

    I haven't tried the safe mode yet - but all three mandriva choices fail the graphics and go isn't an option.



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    Given - safe mode - allow default graphics - how?

    Further to my grub problem,
    I can get into Mandriva safe mode.
    I know that there is graphics issue with nvidia cards.
    What code do i need to enter to get the xorg conf up and change something to get a safe graphics mode?

    I have 4 mandriva listings on the grub,
    Mandriva spring linux 2007
    Madriva Linux safe mode

    the same as

    Linux = 2.6.17-14
    Linux = 2.6.17-15

    so that

    Linux = 2.6.17-14
    Linux = 2.6.17-15

    can be deleted?
    and replaced with
    Ubuntu assuming at some stage I am able to copy and paste the title blocks etc in there stead?

    Kind Regards

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    download Super Grub Disk and try to reinstall grub of your Mandriva or Ubuntu

    append vga=773 at the end of kernel line of mandriva and try to boot it
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    i will try that and get super grub.

    Hi devils casper - noted - will do.
    I can get the xorg.conf to show in "Safe Mode".
    driver was 'NV" with still no luck of getting graphics.
    Originally "Nvidia" as the driver caused problems.
    The original "Linux = 2.6.17-14" kernel was able to use the nvidia card somehow which resolved my 3D problem some time ago.
    Now booting into it gives no graphics, which I thought would work.

    I will try the super grub.

    Kind Regards

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    Good News.
    Supergrub works and allows me to boot into Windows and Ubuntu - OK.
    The Ubuntu latest kernel 2.6.20-16.29 copes with my Nvidia card with no graphics problems - even allows me the 3D.
    Using the supergrub I reinstalled the MBR, howver I still get the Mandriva splash screen with the Blue penguin, which says grub 1.5 and no choice of Ubuntu.
    So mandriva still is a problem with 2.6.17-15 and now with 2.6.17-14 graphics wise.
    How do I get the Mandriva 1.5 grub correct?
    Can supergrub be loaded as the MBR choice?
    Still shits with the Mandriva and the graphics not supporting Nvidia.

    Is there a command from safe mode which will allow me to rebuild the xorg.conf or the xserver part - like at the start when you make your selections?


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    Appended vga=773 to kernel. It was vga=778
    With 2.6.17-15 I get a multiple dkms 96xx and 97xx will resolve manually.
    DKMS package for 2.6.17-15 not found. No graphics only terminal.
    With 2.6.17-14 get an error and no graphics.
    safe mode is OK giving terminal.

    How do I get the DKMS package from terminal? for 2.6.17-15 or 2.6.17-14.

    I have appended to menu.lst, from another post.
    title Ubuntu
    configfile (hd1,0)/boot/grub/menu.lst
    which takes me into ubuntu 2.6.20-16.29 with no fuss.
    And can get to windows Xp Ok

    How do I resolve the no GUI graphics in Mandriva for both kernels and or get back to a safe graphics GUI?


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