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    Please help, I've tried several sites and need some help

    Hi there everyone, I am using Mandrake 10.0 and I am LOVING it. I really like it. However there are some things that don't work the way I want them to. I hope that you guys can help me out a bit.

    1.) First of all my PC shuts down fine, but after shutting down I still have to manually press the power button. Windows does this fine but for some reason MDK makes me manually hold in my power switch to cut it off.

    2.) Next, I have an ATI TV Wonder VE video card. It works, but every time I want to watch tv, I have to go to the control center and scan for channels and autodetec it. I use TV Time, I want the setting saved so that when I click on the link to TV Time it will just work, right now clicking on it before going to the control center makes TV Time say it can't find a signal.

    3.) I want the latest Gnome and KDE versions installed. I do not want to use URPMI. I've been trying for a week, please respect the fact I wouldn't mind never seeing URPMI again. I wouldn't mind APT so much, but I would rather download all the lastest Gnome and KDE (Mandrake) RPMs so I can burn them to a cd and then install them. Can I do this?

    4.) What are some good games out there I can download? Any good puzzle games or RPG's that aren't on the installation cd's?


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    KDE rpms

    You can get the rpms at

    From reading the website, tt is not clear what version of Mandrake was used to build them, so there may some dependency problems.

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