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Thread: ping problems

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    ping problems


    I'd like my 2 PCs to share files with one another; one is using Mandriva 2007and the other is using XP pro but i've been having trouble getting them to communicate. Everything should be ok but I noticed they could'nt ping each other and i've just found out my Linux machine cannot ping the loopback address. It exists in /etc/hosts as localhost but i couldn't add it to the kernel routing table, it just says the device cannot be found. Any suggestions? i know it can't be good.


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    Cool Ping problems

    Can your Linux box get out to the Internet?

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    I haven't tried. its my first attempt at linux networking so i just wanted to make sure it would all run smooth with XP. I've just got the linux box and the XP machine connected to a hub and thats it

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    Ok, I've now just installed the same Mandriva version from the same disks onto a virtual machine on an XP pro box in work. Same ping problems but it CAN connect to the internet. a problem with the TCP/IP stack perhaps?

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    Can we get you to run these commands (as root) on the box that's giving you problems and post the output here. It will show us your network settings and give us an idea of the problem.

    ifconfig -a
    route -n
    iptables -L
    It's very unlikely to be a problem with the TCP stack. Probably just a misconfiguration or a driver problem.

    Let us know how you get on,

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    thanks for the reply but i think I'm ok now (maybe ). I just read here Linux Shortcuts and Commands that with linux, you need to cancel your ping or else it just keeps going. I though there was something wrong with mine because it was doing that


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    Try the following:

    ping -c 10 Google

    It will ping google 10 times then stop. Maybe that is what you want.

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