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    First attempt to install it failed. This noob need HELP!!!

    Please read this and try to help this fool. -.-

    I'm a guy from sweden that just spend all day today (sunday) trying to install linux mandriva, i actually suceeded but then it all fell apart when i installed win xp. I had partisipated the god damn drive so that 20 gb were left specifically for windows. But when i tried to install windows i gott that i had to install it on a 131 gb partisipation. I thought that can't be right but without other options i decided to go ahead and install it anyway (what a misstake). So to install win xp pro i had to format that partisipation and begin installing windows. Half way the ****ing installation the windows install stopped and i couldn't comtinue installing. now my pc is like black, nothing comes up even thougt i've formated the hardrive acouple of times when trying to reinstall Linux. Anyone have an idea what went wrong? And how the hell do i wipe the harddrive clean and start fresh? Please i really need YOUR help!!!

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    Hi, and welcome to the forums.
    Firstly if you want to install WinXP it's better to start with that one. Mandriva will handle the existing OS but Windows won't the latter. Did you try to reinstall Windows? If that failed you should try to use this:
    Cute Partition Manager v0.9.8 - Freeware - Utilities Category
    Download, burn to CD/DVD and do the partitioning.
    For Windows you'll need at least 20 GB space with ntfs filesystem (for playing games, after all windows is solely for that!). And create another one for Linux. It also ought to be at least 20 GB for your comfort.
    Install Windows to the newly formatted partition.
    Install Mandriva to the Linux partitions. You can let the installer to do the job.
    Hope this help will you!
    If you need a CD/DVD catalogizer, give a try to my program:
    Linux Usert#430188

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    Welcome to the forums!

    This is basically the same thing Minthaka says above, but it's best to always install Windows before installing Linux because Windows will overwrite your bootloader every time, leaving you unable to boot into Linux. Sure, you can reinstall the bootloader, but it's easier to simply install Windows first.

    For working with or deleting partitions, I recommend the Parted Magic LiveCD:

    Parted Magic

    It's a small download and quick burn to CD, it's easy to use, and there is very good documentation on their website.

    You can probably use it to delete your current partitions and then start fresh by installing Windows first. Be sure to leave some free space for Linux.

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