Hello Linux Peeps.

Forenote: I am a complete Linux newbie, I have literally 2 hours experience with any version of Linux, therefore my questions may seem very simple... but hey we all have to start somewhere no... so here goes.

I have a Packard Bell Easynote BU45-O-002 notebook,

On this I have Manriva Spring 2007.1 running, I have installed the live version "one" locally so its now running off disk.

Inbuilt into the notebook is a webcam, packard bell claims its proprietary however after a bit of digging I founf out that it is the Syntek Semicon DC-1125

usb id of cam 174f:a311

Sourceforge have the drivers for said webcam here: Syntek DC-1125 Driver
as part of their driver on demand project.

All I need to know is how to install these drivers... Pretty simple I know, but an hour after encountering the problem im dreading that one of you is going to tell me to do something like recompile a Kernel or something that I have absolutley no idea how to do... I understand there is an application for doing it? and if so how do I add the drivers to my Kernel and how do I then install the Kernel?....
even better is there not an easier way of installing the drivers? through an application or through the driver on demand project?

please bear in mind that pre 2:30 hours ago I had never even touched a linux box... so what is very very simple for you is a mess of keystrokes to me... so please be as simple as you possibly can..

Thankyou all for so much your time and if i ever see you in real life ill buy you a pie... Actaully if you fix my problem ill try stuffing one through ethernet cable currently connected to my comp