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    ndiswrapper error - need help

    I cannot get my broadcom 4318 to work for the life of me. I am running Mandriva 2008 One on an Acer Aspire 3003 WLCi. I am following an ndiswrapper install instruction page. I have gotton pretty far but have come to a road block. I am being asked for Kernel build files in KBUILD. I have installed the kernel source and now it is giving me the folowing output:

    [root@localhost ndiswrapper-1.48]# KBUILD=/usr/src/linux-`uname -r`
    [root@localhost ndiswrapper-1.48]# cp -p /boot/config-`uname -r` $KBUILD/.config
    cp: cannot create regular file `/usr/src/linux-': No such file or directory
    [root@localhost ndiswrapper-1.48]# make
    make -C driver
    make[1]: Entering directory `/home/mcgrail/Desktop/ndiswrapper-1.48/driver'
    Can't find kernel build files in ;
    give the path to kernel build directory with
    KBUILD=<path> argument to make
    make[1]: *** [prereq_check] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mcgrail/Desktop/ndiswrapper-1.48/driver'
    make: *** [all] Error 2
    [root@localhost ndiswrapper-1.48]#

    It's won't allow me to make the newest ndiswrapper version for me to continue. Any suggestions?


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    And you are sure the kernel sources are installed? Assuming they are, I've never built ndiswrapper from Mandriva, but I think... if it is like Fedora... the kernel "build" file should be in /lib/modules/<your present kernel>so first go:
    uname -a
    to see your exact kernel version, then do:
    cd /lib/modules
    and find what matches your exact kernel version, then "cd" into it. Inside there should be a file called "build" this needs to be sylinked back to the sources in /usr/src... again... to the correct kernel. To see if it points back to the correct sources, do:
    ls -l build
    Does it say it's pointing back to the correct version? If not, make the symlink...
    ln -s /lib/modules/<correst_kernel_version>/build /usr/src/<correct_kernel_source>
    Fedora puts the sources in /usr/src/kernel. I *think* Mandriva just puts it in /usr/src, but I could be wrong...
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