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    Mandrake 10 Installation Question

    When installing Mandrake 10, will I have to manually partition the hard drive or will Mandrake 10 do that for me? I presently have Windows 2000 usinng the NTFS format for the entire hard drive.

    Also, I have an extra hard drive that I could install in my PC as a slave to the primary drive. Would it be better to install the Mandrake 10 on this drive than having to partition the primary drive? If so, how does one go about having the slave drive boot up under a dual boot system? Would this be done through the Bios?

    Doe anyone have anysuggestions for this Newbie to make the conversion easier?

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    Use the slave drive for installation. I will prevent possibly losing data on your Windows parition. Mandrake 10 will install LILO which will manage the dual booting and allow you to chose which OS to boot at startup, so you shouldn't have to screw with your BIOS settings.

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    I just installed Mandrake 10.0 on my shiney new laptop! Well... It's new to me, it's a 1 GHz Compaq Aramada with a P III, but it beats the hell out of my other one. Anyway... It had WinNT on it, and Mandrake was able to resize the partition, put Linux on and add a "windows" option to lilo. I'm now a dual booting madman!

    All in all, it went pretty smooth. Not that I'll ever run Window again, but I had to leave it on there in case my work asks for it back.

    Good Luck!
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    I basically did what you're doing, at it went fine. I had Windows on one hard drive and another hard drive that I wanted to use for Linux. That second drive was actually already formatted (with 2 FAT32 partitions) from my previous computer; as I recall, I actually used FDISK to wipe it clean, and then used the Mandrake 10 installer to partition and format it how I wanted. IIRC, Mandrake actually offered the option to delete old partitions, etc., so the FDISK step was likely unnecessary.

    I agree that using the 2nd hard disk for Linux is probably better/easier/cleaner. Keeps you from having to worry about resizing the Windows disk's partitions, which operation has the potential for data loss.


    All the best,

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    Yeah...Im a real newbie and I had no troble..Mandrake so easy! I use XP and when I have spare time/feel like it I will have a tinker with linux..its great!

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