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    Internet Connection Problem

    hi all, i have seen this post from many fellow opensuse10.2-users, but havent found a solution for my problem. can anyone help me out? I use Mandriva Spring 2007 free edition and the problem is, i have a cable internet connection from a provider called Hathway(India). im using RealTek ehternet card with RTL8139 family lan card. The information i have with me include: an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server addr,alternate DNS. i dont have any username or password. I have installed Mandriva Spring, i have selected network card. later in the 'Add' section i have added the RTL813d card which was visible. i have selected 'ethernet' and given the IP, subnet mask, gateway. ther was something on DNS in which i filled the DNS info. i clicked on 'finish'. but nothing happened. no connection. Please please help me. please let me know in steps if anyone has done this.

    By the way my Internet works fine on Windows when i enter the given information... Please Please help me .... i m a newbie and dont have much idea about linux so u genius out there please help me.

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    Is your connection to your router or to broadband modem?

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    To a modem

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    during the installation, there should have a been an option to input the connection details manually or automatically detect dns, ( thats if the installer is the same as 2008 ) if not, it should be possible to select that option in the control panel

    so if you've only just installed it, I'd suggest reinstalling if that option was there, and choose it

    and sorry but thats all I can suggest, as I've only just started using linux, and am still trying to find the right distro for me

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    Yep, getting online can seem tricky. I recommend trying some command line tricks. As root user, try to bring up your network with:

    ifconfig eth0 up

    Then, try to ping an outside website. It's a start anyway. Double check your DNS numbers too. Using ping is always a good move, just in case the problem is with how your browser is configured (sometimes you can be online and not realise!)

    Learning a bit about the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server is useful. The manual is scary and a bit too long for most users. I just did: dhcpd -d to set it up (as far as I remember).

    Even though Linux should get you going on the Internet from a GUI, I found that Mandriva needed some command line work to start with. It's improved a lot recently in that respect.
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