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    Can't mount USB-Stick (MDK10.)

    Hi everyone,

    today i have installed MDK10 (Power Pack) - and now I try to mount/use my TINY 128 MB USB-Stick (Note: under MDK9.2 works it very fine with no problems).

    MDK HardDrake detects the stick (C-Tiny 128 MB) as an device on /dev/sda, with the configuration tool I can create a new partion (primary, fat32) etc. - it will be mountet to /mnt/removable. When I try now to write any file on /mnt/removable I get an error: ACCESS DENIDED!. (Konqueror trys to write on the stick, because the in build light flashes! On an terminal i'll get the message NO MEDIUM FOUND) When I try to read any thing from it - they are no files (under MDK9.2 can I see all files).

    Next I check with "tail" all messages: everything look good, but one message tells me
    FATAL: unable to load scsimon (in another forum I habe read, that is not a problem, because MDK don't need it??!)

    I don't give up and tryied this:

    mount /dev/sda1 -t vfat /mnt/removable


    mount /dev/sda -t vfat /mnt/removable

    no succsess - I get this: Can't read superblock

    What's wrong? I can't create partition on my stick with HardDrak or fdisk - but I can't read/write any files on this stick - anyone some Ideas?


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    Do you have all your updates installed? I seem to remember that there was an update that fixed usb problem.

    What kind of USB Pen is it?

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    I think I have do all updates mit DrakConf and urmpi (or need I an special update?). The USB-Pen is an PRETEC C-TINY 128 MB - which works with MDK9.2 and Knoppix 3.4 perfect.

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    you should mount it as writable:

    i always do : mount -rw /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1 where the -rw flag are the important part...

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    Thanks for this tool-tip, but it doesn't work. I always get the message:

    mount: Access denided!

    When I do an update vie urpmi , need I some special software or an special update ?

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    You need to su before you try to mount.
    OH NOOOOO!!!!!! You did it the way I said?

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    yes indeed, you need to be root in order to mount something...

    that is most of the time "su" and sometimes "sudo su".

    but you'll have to know the root password

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    I allready do this - and try to mount the stick as root (su or sudo - nothing works). I have partitoned the stick new with fdisk in a terminal as root (!) - with fdisk I can access the stick (it flashes) after using fdisk I restart MDK with the stick pluged in ... KUDZU detect it and tells me: new hardware found on /dev/sda (ok or chancel) ... I press ok and configure it (or need i some special options?) .. everthings look be good ... but then I try to write any data ... ;-( at the MDK ControlCenter I can see two (!!!) sticks one at harddrives under SDA and one at OTHER -> FlashDisk ... at Harddrive sda I can configure the stick at OHTER not ...

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