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    2008 - What is killing my Internet?

    I am having problems with something killing my internet connection. For some reason after about an hour or so, my connection goes dead and I have to restart Mandriva. If anyone can give me any advice on fixing this problem that would be great. Here are my specs,

    AMD Athlon 6000+
    M2N32SLI Wireless Motherboard w/ Realtek Wireless built-in.
    Linksys WRT54GS router
    Clearwire Internet

    Mandriva 2008 - Current
    Ktorrent w/ bandwidth limitations
    Internet connection w/ WEP enabled

    It seems that when I leave my computer and come back later when the screensaver has been running, is when it is dead. If I am sitting here using the machine, it does fine and I don't have any problems. When I come back and it is dead, if I go to "Manage Wireless Networks" and "Refresh", nothing comes up. Nothing. If you need more info, just ask, I will provide you with what I can. Thanks ahead of time,


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    Your problem is so tricky, anyway when it goes of what do u do to know that its eighter your Pc or Router, bcoz i would think of doing some pings to the router, or my own localhost, or every do traceroute, just to know where the problem is, either i personally think u don't loose the connection but it just freezes that u can do anything, the other thing that i have descovered is when u reboot, its like u are setting the system to this command "/etc/init.d/network restart" Maybe one last thing is try rebooting your router instead and see what happens, Others, u can make sure that your network manager is fine, or don't use it, for sometime and see what happens.
    Cheers Robin

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    I know it won't FIX the problem, but it's a way of avoiding it, disable the screensaver

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    Thanks for the help guys. Before I left the house today, I turned shutdown Ktorrent, and when I got home, the connection was still up and running, so there lies my problem I believe.

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    Okay, I found out that as long as KTorrent is not running, my internet connection is always connected for extended amounts of time. I also have windows XP dual booted and when I run UTorrent it runs fine for days. So it is definitly a problem with KTorrent running for an extended amount of time. Any ideas on how to deal with KTorrent? I limited my connections to 50 total and ten per torrent but it is still a problem.

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    Good Idea, I will try that.

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