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    Smile mounting a samba share

    I'm trying to mount a Windows drive with read write access using Samba. I've gone to the Mandriva Control Center and under network sharing, I have mounted a share to the folder “/mnt/tmp/” but this mounts the folder as read only. If I access the folder as root, I have read write access, but my program cannot run as root. If I go to the url “media:/tmp/” or “smb://amd64x2/tmp/”, I am able to access the share with read write access as my normal user; however, my program is unable to use these urls.

    How do I enable read write access for the folder “/mnt/tmp/”? I think there may be some issue with the configuration in my /etc/fstab file but I have been unable to find appropriate information on the net to help my problem.

    Here is the contents of /etc/fstab which was all created automatically by Mandriva.

    /dev/sda5 / ext3 relatime 1 1
    //amd64x2/tmp /mnt/tmp smbfs user,credentials=/etc/samba/auth.amd64x2.donovan 0 0
    none /proc proc defaults 0 0
    /dev/sda1 swap swap defaults 0 0
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    You need to pass the uid and gid in the options to who will own files...

    smbmount(: mount smbfs filesystem - Linux man page

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    Thanks, that did the trick!!!

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