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    X service running twice?

    is it normal for X service to be running twice, and to continually grow enormously in memory usage?

    A few minutes ago i had 1gb of my memory being eaten up by the two X services alone. Only way to get it down was to restart the computer

    also, the mysql service seems to use a constant ~110mb.. how do i get that down? I am the only one who makes mysql calls (during script development) so i dont see a need to have that much set aside when i only gets accessed a very nominal amount throughout the day.... when i used windows, i never saw my memory usage get over 1gb and thats with a LOT of open programs... since moving over to linux, im constantly having my 2gb ram getting up to 4/5 full (app & buffer -- not counting cache).. i see a 64 bit system with 8gb ram coming soon lol

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    Hi - I can't answer your mysql query (no pun intended) but how did you find out about your memory issue? The reason I'm asking is that if you come from a Windows background, Linux memory readouts can be confusing at first, and it can appear that more memory is being consumed than is really the case.

    If you open a terminal and type 'top', what's your output? X shouldn't be running twice, but it would be very unusual if it did!
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    Im using the process table under KDE system guard where i see the two X processes (im familiar with top as i manage a linux web server via ssh, im just spoiling myself with GUI apps on my desktop lol)

    as for memory overall usage, i use KinfoCenter to determine whats being used and in what portions (i also have an applet running on my panel for a quick reference to cpu/memory usage).. i dont pay any mind to the cache since i know its cleared for processes when needed.. does the same go for the disk buffer?

    in top i dont see x running twice, but at the same time i do see it twice in KDE's systemguard (with different PIDs too). it appears that one is sleeping as its not using any cpu which might explain why i dont see it in top? but the memory usage is still there (which isn't a lot right now, but i was amazed when it reached over 500mb each with less than 24 hours uptime)

    if i catch it again with that much memory i will be sure to take a screen shot or paste a copy of top's output here

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