I am trying to setup several computers to use a Samba share, but I am having difficulty with one particular machine. I completed the following steps to get my other machines working with Samba.

1.Mandriva Linux Control Center -> Network Sharing -> Share Data with Windows System.
2.Searched for Server, Mounted the folder, allowed Mandriva to automatically update the fstab file.
3.Manually added GID and UID to the /etc/fstab file to allow read/write access.

This worked fine for my other ( identical ) computers; however, on this particular installation, when I press the “Search for servers” button, it does not find my //amd64x2/temp/ share like the others had. Instead it finds, 3 instances of localhost. I haven't been able to find a way to manually enter //amd64x2/temp/ for the location of the share.

Out-of-the-box I am able to access this share using the url “smb://amd64x2/tmp/” on all machines including the problematic machine. If the share is available, why am I unable to find it using the Control Center?

Any ideas for a fix or a workaround would be appreciated.

--Donovan Venuto