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    suspend won't wake up if X is running


    I am running a slightly older version of mandriva on my thinkpad 600x laptop (500mhz, 192mb ram).
    It was shipped with kernel I run KDE and everything ran just fine.

    However, in June I compiled my own kernel,, and installed that on the system. Everything runs great (even better than before), except for a few things.

    If my system is in suspend mode, and X is running, the system will not come out. The screen will come up, but the system becomes unresponsive. I can move the mouse but nothing in X works. I can hit ctrl+alt+f2 to raise the tty2 login screen, where I can enter my username, but it then hangs and never gets to the password prompt. SSHd doesn't respond to remote connections. Effectively, if I wish to put the system in standby/suspend, I must first exit X, which is very annoying.

    I modified /etc/sysconfig/suspend and disabled LOCK_XFREE and set "CHANGE_VT" to 7...

    With the old kernel it worked fine.
    Is there something I should modify in my kernel's make menuconfig? Or a different suspend setting I should set? Or some other package I should (re)compile?

    Please help...

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    Ah never mind. I just fixed it, it seems to have been a problem in /etc/sysconfig/suspend RESUME_SERVICES, I disabled them all and it fixed the problem apparently.

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