I'm trying to get my new computer to connect to the internet via my dsl service. I have a wireless card in the pc which was recognized during the install of mandriva 2008. However, when I go to the config manager and attempt to set up a dsl connection it only shows my LAN NIC and not the wireless card. Do I need to install a connection manager like roaring penguin to access the wireless card?

Another question related to networking. When I open the network devices and expand my wireless card I see my wireless network. However when I configure with WEP key and try to connect nothing happens. My wireless router/dsl modem has the correct MAC address for the card and the WEP key is correct as well. Not sure why this isn't connecting.

In windows my laptop connects to my router/dsl modem via wireless with a WEP key and the MAC address in my router. Once connected I setup a PPPoE connection to Verizon and I'm off an running. How can I do this in Mandriva? Any help would be greatly appreciated.