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    Where has it gone?

    Have just downloaded and installed AVG anti virus but can't find it anywhere. Help someone please!

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    Hi - It's a binary file so likely locations are /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin . It's anyone's guess what the binary is actually called! avg.bin ?

    You might also try whereis avg or avgbin or any creative combination of those ideas!

    If you installed from source you could try looking in the make file to get an idea: cat make .

    Having figured this out you should then be able to set up the software to launch from whatever GUI you use.
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    Hello Fingal, i opened the start menu and clicked on "Find" and then typed in: AVG anti virus. I was then informed to look in: file://home/john? Sorry for being thick and thanks for taking the time out to help.

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    Open Terminal/kosole and execute this
    su -
    find / -iname avg
    Check if it lists AVG binary.
    Or type avg in Terminal and hit TAB key twice. Does it complete binary name?
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    Have opened a terminal and type su-
    find / -iname avg
    Which replied with: home/avg
    But i still can't locate it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddraig_oed View Post
    Have just downloaded and installed AVG anti virus but can't find it anywhere. Help someone please!
    You probably don't even need it installed but you can read this short security guide to help you determine whether or not you want/need it. I've been running Linux for almost 8 years and have never installed AV software, and never felt the need to do so.

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