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    Problem with Mouse

    Hi for all,
    I have question about mouse in Mandriva system. I have installed Mandriva and system does not detect my mouse (USB and OS). Could u give me any advices? Where could be problem? During instalation mouse worked properly. Sometimes mouse works almost well somtimes not at all.
    Thank u
    Robert N.

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    If your mouse is sometimes working right and other times it doesn't, it leads me to believe you could possibly have a faulty usb cable or port or even the mouse itself could be a problem. I'd first check it with another mouse and see how it does. If the problem persists, then there might be something screwy with your mouse configuration. It's been a long time since I ran Mandriva, but when I was running it, there was a utility called "mousedrake" that you used to configure your mouse. If your mouse configuration is way off that could cause the problems too.

    Just some ideas...
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    If your keyboard is working but your mouse isn't, open a terminal a run this command...
    /sbin/lsmod |grep -i evdev
    If nothing is returned post back and let me know.

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    Thx How should I type it? when I am logged as a root or any user? If I typed it I got "command not found". Sorry I am beginner. Thank u

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    Thx for advices but It is second mainbord and mouse I use. So once I was able to start up my mouse in Control Panel Mandrekelinux and worked well but when I start my computer up again mouse stoped working. Hi

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