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    where did my images go?

    Can anyone help me find where my pictures are going? I plug in my camera to the USB, it gets recongnized, asks me if I want to upload them to my picture album. I click yes, then the mnt/removable/dcim window comes up empty. I don't know where they are going. Now, the very first time I did this , they were all in a folder, in this window. I dragged the folder to My Pictures folder and I can't find them. But now when I try to upload them, there is nothing. Please help. Thank you.

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    Have you launched F-Spot? It is usually where pictures are imported to in systems I have used.

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    I don't believe it's installed. but I do have Gimp. I did check in there and could find where they had been installed in the history, but when i double click them , it says "could not open for reading. No such file or directory.
    I also tried restarting my computer. It still recognizes the camera and i click on " upload photos" but I don't think they are being uploaded, because they still remain on my camera. Where as the first time I uploaded, they were deleted off my camera.

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    Have you tried to search your pc for them i think the command is find then you put at least one o the file names . Or you can install picasa it automatically searches your drive for pictures.

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    I found where they were going. They were going in the 100sscam folder in the mnt/removable/dcim folder. I had to look at the folder list at the left when the window popped up. Then I had to click on the folder to open . That folder wasnt' automatically coming up. Don;t know why. And I figured how to save them into the home folder. Thanks for all your help.

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