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    Still don't understand Lilo bootsplash

    Mandriva 2008:

    I edited the lilo.conf file to read vga=791 to change the resolution to 1024x768 in the appropriate places did the lilo-v command and the default bootsplash works fine upon reboot.

    I went to and downloaded a new lilo bootsplash which also is 1024x768. I put the folder into /etc/bootsplash/themes. I then went to Configure your computer and setup boot graphical theme on system where it is listed as a choice, chose it but did not work upon a reboot, instead I got that black screen with the bootup activity in white font.

    Looking at the default config file (The one that does work when selected in the configure this computer section) I noticed that it points to the /usr/share/bootsplash/themes directory, so I copied the appropriate folder that is giving me trouble to that directory then edited the config file located in /etc/bootsplash/themes to point to the /usr/share/bootsplash/themes directory like the other default config file that works but making the correction to point to the appropriate folder there.

    However this still did not solve the problem, can someone please tell me where I am going wrong? I was thinking about just replacing the .jpg images but I really would like to know the correct way of getting this done.


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    I do not know if this still applies but in LILO a spalsh image must be 640x480 bitmap and 255 indexed colours or less.

    Linux Desktop Hacks - Google Book Search

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    I have just found this that seems to take you all the way through it.

    LILO Splash Screen Example

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    Thankyou for replying Wowbag1

    I have switched over to Grub with graphical boot, Glad I did because it looks allot better, however this still did not fix the problem. Just for curiosity I went to kde-look and downloaded a bootsplash that included a 800x600 .jpg and put the contents in the correct folders, went to the configure your computer section, chose setup graphical boot theme, where it was listed, chose it and restarted the computer and it worked.

    For some reason I can't get the 1024x768.jpg's to work. I know it's just a mater of eye candy, but I really would like to get it working with that resolution.

    Thankyou for your help.

    Take care.

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    Well I have managed to figure out a weird way around this problem, and I'm not sure why this works.

    Using gimp I copied the 1024x768 .jpg I wanted and pasted it over the 1024x768 .jpg that works properly upon reboot, saved it and then replaced this new .jpg with the one that did not show upon reboot.

    For some reason, it works, I'm happy but curious as why that would matter?

    P.S. Now that I had it working, I decided to see if I could alter the .jpg a little, opened up Gimp, saved it like above. And it works without a problem.

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