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    Booting two floppies

    Ok, here's the deal. IBM Thinkpad 560X with a PCMCIA CD-ROM. The BIOS doesn't allow me to run the PCMCIA CD-ROM when the computer starts up. It's able to boot from floppy though.
    Right now... I can get the CD-ROM working when I put in a 98 boot disk for it. Or I can also get the Mandrake Linux boot floppy to work.
    Here's the problem... once I get the Mandrake boot floppy running, I can't get the CD-ROM drive working, which means that I can't install anything. If I boot from the 98 boot floppy, I can't get the Mandrake Boot floppy to work.

    So... is there a way to boot both? or to boot the 98 floppy, then the Mandrake floppy?

    Oh... and I have Mandrake Linux on this (IBM T40)... so I've installed it before. This BIOS allows boot from CD... that's why it worked perfectly...

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    I'm having the same exact problem. Mandriva (mandrake 10) prompts me for extra drivers. So I made the cdrom.img floppy with rawritewin. However, when I use it after already booting from the boot floppy, it says that the floppy is not a Linux ext2 floppy. If I try to just boot from this floppy, it still doesn't see the cdrom. I'm totally stuck here.

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