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    Mounts reappearing after deleting them

    I have MDK 10. When I originally installed the system, it had several nonsensical names for some of the mounted partitions/drives.

    I changed the fstab to some more reasonable settings/names, but now when it boots, its still somehow trying to mount the same drives/partitions under the old names.

    In fact, when KDE loads, and I look in the filemanager under /mnt, I still see the mount points. If I delete them and refresh the folder view, they come back.

    I tried killing automount (thinking it might be doing it), but even with automount dead, they would still come back.

    I've been grep'ing /etc for the mount point names trying to find out where/how they're being called, with no luck yet.

    Any ideas?

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    u have to change the directory names in /mnt as well (as root)

    mounting a drive just makes its contents accessible in an empty directory. so rename the dirs in /mnt to the same things u put in fstab. then as root unmount from the old places and run rmdir /mnt/old_name

    deleting things in guis sometimes fails if u dont have the priviledges required to do it.

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    Man... i feel sheepish It was just as you said (I could've sworn though that I tried deleting them su'd as root, and they came back after a reboot).

    In any case, it does appear that the reason it was happening when done via KDE's filemanager was b/c the filemanager wasnt running under root. Even though the items were being sent to the trash apparently they werent really being deleted.

    Thanks again!

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