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    problem with installing mandrake 10 from hard disk

    hi there,
    i'm having problem while installing manrake 10 from hard disk, ie i have an iso image and i don't wish to burn it on a cd and i want to install the os from the iso image itself.
    in this regard i copied the hdd_grub.img file on a floppy using rawrite.exe utility and then booted off that floppy.the path of the folder containing the image files is:


    i have also extracted the images into the folders:


    can anyone provide me the changes that i shud make to the menu.lst file in the file as when i boot off the floppy the error that i get is:

    error:15 file not found

    can anyone provide me the solution to this problem.

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    Your path names have to be Linux readable. If you tell the installer that cd1.iso is at c:/mandrake/cd1.iso, the installer is going to tell you is doesn't see the file. That's because Linux doesn't know what the heck c: is. The path names you feed to the installer should be(this assumes Windows is installed on the first partition of the primary master drive and /mandrake is at the top level of c
    See, Linux sees drives and disks as directories. The hierarchy goes like:
    /dev=device directory
    /hda=primary master hard drive
    /hda1=first partition on primary master
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    problem still persists

    hi there,
    the path that u have given doesn't work, moreover i guess after booting off the linux floppy only the minimal kernel is loaded and folders like dev, boot ... are recognised only when the linux operating system is running.
    so can anyone provide any other solution for this???

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    extract every thing to this folder

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    hey, he said that his paths werent nessicarly the ones you would need, /dev is the only part that is most likely going to be correct. fish around a little, alot ofthis is dependent on your hardware.
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    still not working

    hi there, extracting to /cooker,
    using path /dev/hda1/mandrake.
    both of these options doesn't work
    help still required

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    Re: still not working

    Quote Originally Posted by pg_smh
    hi there, extracting to /cooker,
    using path /dev/hda1/mandrake.
    both of these options doesn't work
    help still required
    I believe that the first disk partition is labeled hda0, so that is probably where you are putting your ISO's.
    I am about to download and install it myself, so I appreciate your questions, and the responses.

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