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Thread: Samba Shares

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    Samba Shares

    Hey All,

    Quick question, I am using a samba share to external drive
    /media/hd (/dev/sdb1)

    I have created two users
    they have been added as members of seriohome group as (adm,users,seriohome)

    I configured Saba as:

    Share name: seriodrive
    Share Directory: /media/hd
    Browseable: YES
    Public: YES
    Writeable: YES
    Createmask: Blank
    Directory: Blank

    As it stands now if I get on my wifes laptop open Run type \\\ it opens then I click seriodrive which actually lets me in now, but I cannot create directories or copy files to this. I am certain it is a permissions deal.

    I think the problem is with the directory, I have a feeling i can't share out an entire harddrive like windows platforms, but If i go into the directory manually I cannot create a new folder in there like 'Shares' or something and edit the permissions. Any help would be appriciated.

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    Hi brentaserio,

    As root or Sudo, the device (/dev/sdb1) has a mount point of /media/hd, if this is correct;

    create a new directory, change the permissions and ensure your users have access.


    # cd /media/hd

    # mkdir public

    # chmod 1775 public (Check man pages on chmod before setting permissions)

    You should now be ready to go.


    Using the mandriva control centre, go to the mount point tab & follow the prompts in sharing a partition - directory.

    I hope this is of help.


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