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    Yaip! (Yet another install problem)

    Hi. I'm not new to Linux or to Mandriva, but I'm no coder, just a user.

    So, OK, new computer, blank hard drive, was installing Mandriva 2008 Free and due to some problems with that I ended up having changed a setting and installing in text mode, which seemed to be working.
    But I got greedy, I guess. I'd started the install in text mode so I would be able to see the mysterious messages scrolling down the screen as it started booting up to begin the install, hoping to get hints what had been going wrong. But the setting I changed seemed to have worked, so since in text mode I was finding the partitioning process annoying I decided to quit and start over in graphical mode, with the setting changed as before so it would work. I backed out, making sure to not agree to actually do those partitions.

    Problem is, now when I go to reboot and start over, the computer gives me the "BIOS is happening" screen and then hangs--doesn't even try to boot anything up. I can fiddle with the BIOS settings, tell it what devices it should be looking to boot with first, and all that, but none of it seems to have any impact. When it finishes doing the BIOS thing, it gives me a blank screen with what looks like a cursor but doesn't seem to respond to any kind of keyboard input. Doesn't matter if there's a CD in the drive or not, either (much less what CD), where before if you didn't put in anything bootable it ended with a little text message saying there was nothing to boot and you should put in something bootable and hit enter. That's gone now.

    Anybody have any notions what could have gotten overwritten and how I can put it back? Because for the moment, I would seem to have a brick with a BIOS and I'm rather frustrated about it.

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    I'm no expert but i say since your harddrive was initially blank just go to bios set first boot device to cd/dvd rom and format your drive reinstall using graphical mode easier also on partitioning if you don't know what you doing rather you accept the proposal you can always edit it later when you know what you doing

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrarfussi View Post
    I'm no expert but i say since your harddrive was initially blank just go to bios set first boot device to cd/dvd rom
    Thanks, but already tried that. Machine doesn't care in the least. It doesn't seem to be trying to boot from *anything*. I've also switched it so it tries to boot from the DVD-Rom drive as primary rather than the CD-Rom. Nothing.

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    It sounds as though the disk has had information written to it and the system is trying to boot from it. Can you disable boot from hard disk completely in BIOS?
    Is there an anti-virus setting in BIOS ?... if there is disable it.

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