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    Problem with Mandriva Installation Disk

    I want to install Mandriva on a separate hard drive in my system but cannot even get it to work from disk

    I downloaded Mandriva 2008.0 checksum is fine and disk burnt

    When I try and run from disk it geos through the install process but then there is a black screen. It does not stop during the optional verabl phase but when that has completed. There is avery quick black scree with some white writing that I do not have time to read.

    After searching on Google I discovered the F3 option to alter boot up

    When I press F3 it gives me

    initrd=/bood/cdrom/initrd.gz fastboot splash=silent vga78

    research on google gave me various possibilities

    splash=silent already there




    I have tried these individually and in combination

    Is there a sequence issue?

    I am working on a Dell Dimension 5150 running Windows XP home SP2

    Pentium D930 300 MHz processor

    1024 Mb ram

    Hard drives 110 and 38 GB

    Any help most welcome

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    Should the vga option be 788? Have you tried without splash=silent and see if you get text giving more info what is happening?
    You could also try nopcmcia as a boot option.
    Does pressing ctrl+alt+f1 bring up a terminal?

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    Does your PC react to the 'Esc' button during the boot time? You could read some informations about the booting status. I had similar issues with Mandriva 2008.0 on a laptop. I could not solve it, but anyway maybe you can read at least what's wrong. I would recommend you to use Mandriva 2008 Spring RC1 instead, since the final version is at hands (scheduled for of April)
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    Thanks for the responses

    VGA should have read 788 - that was my typo

    If I run without splash=0 I get the detailed boot sequence but still a black screen

    Boot sequence definitlely gets as far as "interface eth0 OK"

    I see "Local Host log in" but about then everything goes to a black screen possibly after "back space key sends?"

    I tried adding nopcmcia but it still went to a black screen

    I do not get a control panel for control+alt+F1 but F! gives the verbose version as without splash=0

    I get no response to Esc during boot sequence

    Does it make any difference the order of the items such as splash=0?

    Thanks again for your help

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    Google searches have offered me several bootup variants but none have worked

    noapic black screen

    nolapic no boot

    noapic nolapic black screen

    acpi=off noapic black screen

    Exploring the options revealed by help I have used variants of acpi=off and ide-nodma

    Are these case sensitive?

    The help also mentions a safe settings installation but I cannot seem to find what they are

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