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    Question Help! Kernel Panic: No Init

    Hi all, have a major prob... hope someone can help!

    My laptop multiboots to Win XP and Mandrake Linux (v10. something). My ex installed it for me and was trying to get me to use Linux. I've used it a couple of weeks, but reverted back to Win XP.

    Anyway, I have important bookmarks that's saved on Linux (I forgot the browser name) and I *need* to get them. Well, I booted up Linux, and got a bunch of msgs and the ff. error msg: "kernel panic: no init"

    So can someone help me fix this?? Or is there a way I can get my bookmarks off Linux? I can see the Linux drive in the explorer folder when I'm on WinXP (he partitioned my drive and everything, and label them e.g. D:Linux C:Winxp) BUt it's not like Windows where I can see all the folders, program files, etc.

    Obviously I don't really no much, but I'm hoping someone can help me and explain it as simple as possible. I tried searching for how to fix the "kernel panic: no init" problem, but it involves partitioning the drives or something, and I'm scared I might mess up WinXP which isn't worth it cuz I have a lot of stuff in there

    Thanks in advance,

    ps: my ex won't be any help since he's a jerk

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    Without going into a lot of Linux stuff to fix this problem ... you could attempt to mount the Linux partition within Windows (if it is not damaged) and view the bookmarks file.

    Most likely you were using Firefox within Linux.

    Here is a link to some Windows utilities that will let you mount the Linux partition (assuming it is in Ext3/2 format)Windows EXT2 utilities

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    Thanks DXQ, it worked

    The only thing is that I can't find that one specific bookmark I need... and I've searched through all the folders too

    Oh well, at least now I can access the files in Linux through Windows!

    Thanks again!!

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