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Thread: Startup Help

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    Startup Help

    Hi I am a total NooB to Linux, and I was wondering if there was an equivalent to msconfig in windows that would allow me to configure my startup so my computer uses less resources. Thanks a lot.

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    The thing about Linux is, the configuration files aren't all located in one place. It helps to make your system more flexible, since you can just replace the individual components without affecting the rest of your system. To control what modules (dynamically loadable pieces of kernel code, usually corresponding to device drivers) and services load at startup, editing your /etc/modules and /etc/services files will get you started. This is the bare bones way to do it; most distributions of Linux come with their own user-friendly system configuration utilities, but since I don't use Mandrake, this is the best I can do.This tutorial gives an overview of the Linux boot process, maybe this will help you along the way.
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    There is a feature in Configure your computer>Mandrake Control Center in either hardware or system that allows you to turn services on and off. Before you turn anything off, make sure you do not turn something off that the system needs to run. You might want to look at the Mandrake documentation here: . Even though these are for 9.2, there are not enough differences to make them obsolete. If you are unsure of which ones to turn off, post back with a list of candidates and get some advice on each.


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    Also, If you're talking about programs that run when you start-up KDE (like maybe Kontact starts everytime you start your computer), you can configure you session using the KDE Control Center or (I believe) there's an option under k > System > somewhere.

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    Thanks a lot for all of your help, that tutorial is bookmarked, and I got the list of services from that site, I will try it now.

    Lol you havent seen the last of me :P

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