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    problems with my tv card (saa7130)

    I can get my saa7130 phillips tv card to work in my mandriva 2007 spring.
    When i run dmesg |grep saa, this is what I get.

    saa7130/34: v4l2 driver version 0.2.14 loaded
    saa7130[0]: found at 0000:00:0a.0, rev: 1, irq: 18, latency: 32, mmio: 0xe010200
    saa7134: <rant>
    saa7134: Congratulations! Your TV card vendor saved a few
    saa7134: cents for a eeprom, thus your pci board has no
    saa7134: subsystem ID and I can't identify it automatically
    saa7134: </rant>
    saa7134: I feel better now. Ok, here are the good news:
    saa7134: You can use the card=<nr> insmod option to specify
    saa7134: which board do you have. The list:
    saa7134: card=0 -> UNKNOWN/GENERIC
    saa7134: card=1 -> Proteus Pro [philips reference design] 1131:2001 1131:200
    saa7134: card=2 -> LifeView FlyVIDEO3000 5168:0138 4e42:013
    saa7134: card=3 -> LifeView/Typhoon FlyVIDEO2000 5168:0138 4e42:013
    saa7134: card=4 -> EMPRESS 1131:6752
    saa7134: card=5 -> SKNet Monster TV 1131:4e85
    saa7134: card=6 -> Tevion MD 9717
    saa7134: card=7 -> KNC One TV-Station RDS / Typhoon TV Tune 1131:fe01 1894:fe0
    saa7134: card=8 -> Terratec Cinergy 400 TV 153b:1142
    saa7134: card=9 -> Medion 5044
    saa7134: card=10 -> Kworld/KuroutoShikou SAA7130-TVPCI
    saa7134: card=11 -> Terratec Cinergy 600 TV 153b:1143
    saa7134: card=12 -> Medion 7134 16be:0003
    saa7134: card=13 -> Typhoon TV+Radio 90031
    saa7134: card=14 -> ELSA EX-VISION 300TV 1048:226b
    saa7134: card=15 -> ELSA EX-VISION 500TV 1048:226a
    saa7134: card=16 -> ASUS TV-FM 7134 1043:4842 1043:48
    30 1043:4840
    saa7134: card=17 -> AOPEN VA1000 POWER 1131:7133
    saa7134: card=18 -> BMK MPEX No Tuner
    saa7134: card=19 -> Compro VideoMate TV 185b:c100
    saa7134: card=20 -> Matrox CronosPlus 102b:48d0
    saa7134: card=21 -> 10MOONS PCI TV CAPTURE CARD 1131:2001
    saa7134: card=22 -> AverMedia M156 / Medion 2819 1461:a70b
    saa7134: card=23 -> BMK MPEX Tuner
    saa7134: card=24 -> KNC One TV-Station DVR 1894:a006
    saa7134: card=25 -> ASUS TV-FM 7133 1043:4843
    saa7134: card=26 -> Pinnacle PCTV Stereo (saa7134) 11bd:002b
    saa7134: card=27 -> Manli MuchTV M-TV002/Behold TV 403 FM
    saa7134: card=28 -> Manli MuchTV M-TV001/Behold TV 401
    saa7134: card=29 -> Nagase Sangyo TransGear 3000TV 1461:050c
    saa7134: card=30 -> Elitegroup ECS TVP3XP FM1216 Tuner Card( 1019:4cb4
    saa7134: card=31 -> Elitegroup ECS TVP3XP FM1236 Tuner Card 1019:4cb5
    saa7134: card=32 -> AVACS SmartTV
    saa7134: card=33 -> AVerMedia DVD EZMaker 1461:10ff
    saa7134: card=34 -> Noval Prime TV 7133
    saa7134: card=35 -> AverMedia AverTV Studio 305 1461:2115
    saa7134: card=36 -> UPMOST PURPLE TV 12ab:0800
    saa7134: card=37 -> Items MuchTV Plus / IT-005
    saa7134: card=38 -> Terratec Cinergy 200 TV 153b:1152
    saa7134: card=39 -> LifeView FlyTV Platinum Mini 5168:0212 4e42:02
    saa7134: card=40 -> Compro VideoMate TV PVR/FM 185b:c100
    saa7134: card=41 -> Compro VideoMate TV Gold+ 185b:c100
    saa7134: card=42 -> Sabrent SBT-TVFM (saa7130)
    saa7134: card=43 -> :Zolid Xpert TV7134
    saa7134: card=44 -> Empire PCI TV-Radio LE
    saa7134: card=45 -> Avermedia AVerTV Studio 307 1461:9715
    saa7134: card=46 -> AVerMedia Cardbus TV/Radio (E500) 1461:d6ee
    saa7134: card=47 -> Terratec Cinergy 400 mobile 153b:1162
    saa7134: card=48 -> Terratec Cinergy 600 TV MK3 153b:1158
    saa7134: card=49 -> Compro VideoMate Gold+ Pal 185b:c200
    saa7134: card=50 -> Pinnacle PCTV 300i DVB-T + PAL 11bd:002d
    saa7134: card=51 -> ProVideo PV952 1540:9524
    saa7134: card=52 -> AverMedia AverTV/305 1461:2108
    saa7134: card=53 -> ASUS TV-FM 7135 1043:4845
    saa7134: card=54 -> LifeView FlyTV Platinum FM / Gold 5168:0214 1489:02
    14 5168:0304
    saa7134: card=55 -> LifeView FlyDVB-T DUO 5168:0306
    saa7134: card=56 -> Avermedia AVerTV 307 1461:a70a
    saa7134: card=57 -> Avermedia AVerTV GO 007 FM 1461:f31f
    saa7134: card=58 -> ADS Tech Instant TV (saa7135) 1421:0350 1421:03
    51 1421:0370 1421:1370
    saa7134: card=59 -> Kworld/Tevion V-Stream Xpert TV PVR7134
    saa7134: card=60 -> LifeView/Typhoon FlyDVB-T Duo Cardbus 5168:0502 4e42:05
    saa7134: card=61 -> Philips TOUGH DVB-T reference design 1131:2004
    saa7134: card=62 -> Compro VideoMate TV Gold+II
    saa7134: card=63 -> Kworld Xpert TV PVR7134
    saa7134: card=64 -> FlyTV mini Asus Digimatrix 1043:0210
    saa7134: card=65 -> V-Stream Studio TV Terminator
    saa7134: card=66 -> Yuan TUN-900 (saa7135)
    saa7134: card=67 -> Beholder BeholdTV 409 FM 0000:4091
    saa7134: card=68 -> GoTView 7135 PCI 5456:7135
    saa7134: card=69 -> Philips EUROPA V3 reference design 1131:2004
    saa7134: card=70 -> Compro Videomate DVB-T300 185b:c900
    saa7134: card=71 -> Compro Videomate DVB-T200 185b:c901
    saa7134: card=72 -> RTD Embedded Technologies VFG7350 1435:7350
    saa7134: card=73 -> RTD Embedded Technologies VFG7330 1435:7330
    saa7134: card=74 -> LifeView FlyTV Platinum Mini2 14c0:1212
    saa7134: card=75 -> AVerMedia AVerTVHD MCE A180 1461:1044
    saa7134: card=76 -> SKNet MonsterTV Mobile 1131:4ee9
    saa7134: card=77 -> Pinnacle PCTV 40i/50i/110i (saa7133) 11bd:002e
    saa7134: card=78 -> ASUSTeK P7131 Dual 1043:4862
    saa7134: card=79 -> Sedna/MuchTV PC TV Cardbus TV/Radio (ITO
    saa7134: card=80 -> ASUS Digimatrix TV 1043:0210
    saa7134: card=81 -> Philips Tiger reference design 1131:2018
    saa7134: card=82 -> MSI TV@Anywhere plus 1462:6231
    saa7134: card=83 -> Terratec Cinergy 250 PCI TV 153b:1160
    saa7134: card=84 -> LifeView FlyDVB Trio 5168:0319
    saa7134: card=85 -> AverTV DVB-T 777 1461:2c05
    saa7134: card=86 -> LifeView FlyDVB-T / Genius VideoWonder D 5168:0301 1489:03 01
    saa7134: card=87 -> ADS Instant TV Duo Cardbus PTV331 0331:1421
    saa7134: card=88 -> Tevion/KWorld DVB-T 220RF 17de:7201
    saa7134: card=89 -> ELSA EX-VISION 700TV 1048:226c
    saa7134: card=90 -> Kworld ATSC110 17de:7350
    saa7134: card=91 -> AVerMedia A169 B 1461:7360
    saa7134: card=92 -> AVerMedia A169 B1 1461:6360
    saa7134: card=93 -> Medion 7134 Bridge #2 16be:0005
    saa7134: card=94 -> LifeView FlyDVB-T Hybrid Cardbus 5168:3306 5168:35 02
    saa7130[0]: subsystem: 1131:0000, board: UNKNOWN/GENERIC [card=0,autodetected]
    saa7130[0]: board init: gpio is c000
    saa7130[0]: gpio: mode=0x0000000 in=0x000c000 out=0x0000000 [pre-init]
    saa7130[0]: Huh, no eeprom present (err=-5)?
    saa7130[0]: registered device video0 [v4l2]
    saa7130[0]: registered device vbi0


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    Yes, TV cards are difficult to configure (although some people report having no problems). I think it depends on the chipset your card is using, and whether or not Mandriva supports this.

    You can get situations where the same 2 cards have slightly different chipsets; this makes it hard to get agreement between people over how to fix certain problems.

    A good place to start is a guide like this. You might get lucky.

    This might also help, though it's not about your card. Good luck!
    I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. - Pablo Picasso

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    this is the best i could find. it is on the gentoo site, but is a generic workaround. HARDWARE saa7134 - Gentoo Linux Wiki good luck.

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    Finally got it working

    It took almost 1 year search for solution.
    finally i got it working perfectly and i verified in different distirbutions also.
    documented the same here.
    jobinau - SAA7130 TV tuner card under Linux

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