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    installing software

    i want to install bible time. i can download and manually install it or use the installer of linux. the problem is that it wants to install in boot partition and there is not enough space for it. how can i install it to another partition any help would be great. thanks in advance.


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    It shouldn't have to install in /boot as that is an incredibly odd place to install programs. /boot is reserved for files required for booting your computer.

    Where is the installation file? Perhaps I can take a look.

    Have you tried getting it through Mandriva's package manager (urpmi)?

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    Mandriva's package manager

    that is what thinks it needs to install in boot partition. my boot partition is 7 gigs. it has 4.6 gigs left and that is where Mandriva's package manager installs everything. at least that is where it seems to as it says it only has 4.6 gigs left and all the other partitions have alot more space than that. i have not downloaded the package and tried to install it manually yet as i was hoping to figure this out and figured it would do the same. i downloaded partition magic to increase the partition sized but that didnt work either. i could not get all the partitions right. i was hoping that i could just change a setting on where to install everything or have i mistaken it all on this. thanks for your responses Bower

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    Is this the same system as you posted fdisk and df command outputs for in this post? If it is you do not look to have a separate boot partition, you have a root and a home partition.

    You should be able to resize the root partition as indicated in the other thread.

    Ed: I have added another post to show disk structure in the other thread.

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