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    Linux won't play .wav files from web site

    I can't get .wav files embedded in my web site to play. I'm using "BGSOUND" in the html source and it works fine with Windoz. Could someone please fill me in on what I'm missing?


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    Linux Newbie raghaven.kumar's Avatar
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    do you have any player or sound libs installed?

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    I've got the Flash plugin (9.0.4) installed. I thiught that would do it, but it didn't. What else would I need?


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    Linux Newbie raghaven.kumar's Avatar
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    i mean could you play the .wav file locally on Linux?

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    Which webbrowser are you using you might have to install the plugin's

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    Hi - wav files shouldn't be a problem. Have you tried installing the Mplayer plug-in for Firefox? It can handle most formats, but might need a bit of tweaking to get FF to 'see' it properly. Just an idea.

    Here's a link. I use it all the time and it works very well.
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    I guess I need to describe the problem better. I can play .wav files in Linux. I have the mplayer plugin installed and it too works fine . But what won't work for me is playing .wav files from my website. In my HTML program I have the statement: <bgsound src="bren.wav">
    This causes the wave file bren.wav to play correctly in windoz when my site is brought up, but will not do the same in Linux. It doesn't play at all in Linux! I've tried using <embed> with the correct parameters but that doesn't work in either Windoz or Linux.

    Thanks for all the replies to this post klipp

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    The question is what browser are you using have you tried other browsers eg opera

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    Give us a link to it and we'll all be able to tell you if it doesn't or does work for us on our Linux machines.
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    Thanks for the help scarfussi , Dapper Dan & all! The website is :
    The opening page in English plays a .wav file (bren.wav)
    The opening page in Spanish plays a .mid file(Guadalajara.mid)
    As I said earlier these both play fine in Winsoz, I need them both to play in Linux & eCs.
    I've also tried Opera with no luck!

    thanks klipp

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