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    shell scripts 02

    Explain what the PATH environment variable is. Include the following points:
    - In what file is the PATH variable usually set?
    - Purpose of that variable
    - Content of that variable

    Consider the following scenario:
    [gilles@sit-146 bin]$ echo $myVar
    [gilles@sit-146 bin]$ myVar=”This is a string”
    [gilles@sit-146 bin]$ echo $myVar
    This is a string
    [gilles@sit-146 bin]$ myVar=”$myVar . this part has just been added”
    [gilles@sit-146 bin]$ cat
    #echo $myVar

    Explain what will be displayed when you run the ./ command? (Assume it has the execute bit set so that it runs).

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    Sorry, but this looks like homework and it's against the forums rules to post those kind of questions:

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