hi there!!!!

i am testing mandrake 10 and redhat 9 on two pc's with the same specs..
compaq evo d380 with 1.6 ghz p4 proc, 128 mb sdram, 20 gb hdd, 16 mb vanta video card and bl30g mobo,i think its an msi mobo.

the problem is that after the installation of the redhat9 and configured it to connect to internet through lan, system unexpectedly hangs, the same behavior happens to all the 51 computers(compaq) which are manually installed...we thought that there may be problem with the media installer and were right, the disc 2 has failed with the media test...we downloaded a new iso image and test it and its ok..now we insatall again redhat 9 with the new disc 2 but tte same scenario happens...

we decided to use mandrake 10,,,but still same problem occurs..the system always hang...even right after the installation process the system hangs after reboot...also even in its idle state...this is the same scenario to redhat9 and mandrake 10...is there any problem with the hardware or with the configuration...we tried to run it with windows98 and the system is stable i cant think of any solution coz im new in the linux world

hope to get answers from u there great linux gurus!!!!

thanx and more power to the open source world!!!