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    Need some advice

    Hey I have been looking into getting linux to replace windows xp pro for some time now but never actually did it. Well now I think is the best time to actually do it. I have read alot of stuff but was wondering if yall could help me out with some stuff. First off will my hardware be compatible with mandrake. I have checked compatdability lists but I am haven trouble finding it all. My current hardware is.

    Athlon 1700+ @ 1.50 gh
    Maxtor 7200 rpm 40gig drive
    realtec eathernet card 10/100
    Soundblaster audigy gamer
    msi ti4600
    2x128meg pc2100 kingston ram
    Machspeed v266b rev 3.0 mobo.

    I also have 1 cdrw drive and 1 cd drive but cant remember the brand or model off the top of my head.

    Also, how will games preform in mandrake? I have heard mixed stuff about games being compatible. I only play battle field 1942 and fs2004 mainly I know those are a bunch of very noob questions but hey I am one lol. I searched the forums and google best I could. One last question I heard of 'mini' distribustions that would run in windows to try it out. Is there a version of mandrake that will? Thanks for yalls help in advance


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    I think i can help you. I just got mandrake 10.0 last month and had very few problems with its install and my hardware is very similar to yours:

    AMD athlon 2000+ @ 1.6 gh
    maxtor 7200 rpm 40 gig drive (and a second one to hold windows)
    realtec ethernet card 10/100
    2 x 256mb ram
    cdrw/dvd-rom drive (sony)

    i don't have your sound card but i heard that soundblaster is very compatible. The only problems i had where:

    1) low volume mic/line in (fixed when i turned off surround in and mic as center)(i just did that to listen to my radio from the mic port)
    2) the video in/out functions didn't work with xawtv (i still haven't fixed this so i can't watch tv on my computer but i was able to set up my ati drivers so i can play all the games i want)
    3) i can't sync with my palm 105m through serial (haven't fixed it but i don't mind)

    as far as i can tell you shouldn't have any problems. But if you are hesitant to abandon windows you can always dual boot like i did until you feel you don't need windows any more.

    As for games i only play the ones that mandrake comes with (there are quite a few). I have however played counter strike, wolf et, Americas army, and unreal tournament 2004 which all are capable of running on linux. (i do have ut2004 on my machine running on windows i would have it on linux but i only have 5gigs free and ut2004 needs 5.5). as for if they run smoothly i haven't seen those games run on linux with my own eyes so i can't tell you but i have heard that they do (please don't quote me on that).

    If you have any more questions or problems feel free to ask.

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