hey guys,

I just installed mandrake 9.1 (my 9.2 and 10 cds were bad so I couldnt use those) but now I cant really boot at all...
whenever I try the "normal" boot (the one that would get you right into kde or gnome, whatever) doesnt give me anything but a black screen. I can get into failsafe tho..
so I did that, thou I dont know much about linux command line.. I typed startx, but it just tells me that no monitors are installed or something.. (dont remember the exact error message). so here I thought, its my radeon 9600xt. needs special drivers. downloaded them (and yes, it definitely IS the right version) and happily typed that rpm -Uh rpmname.rpm command but then it tells me that there's already some kinda driver installed... I tried the -force command but it said it doesnt know that command. does it have to be -force or --force tho?? the ati instruction say both so I'm confused..
but if there is a driver installed, why is it that i cant start X? shouldnt it boot up anyways just with a really poor resolution or something?? I'm totally worried that I'll never get linux installed on my system - knoppix wont even boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guys, I'm really desperate to get this thing working, I just cant LIVE without linux! please help me if you can, you can email me, too.. or PM doesnt matter just as long as somebody can help me.. tried a bunch of other forums, too but no one there seemed to know what the problem might be.

my system specs are:

amd athlon xp 3200+
asus a7n8x-e deluxe
infineon pc 3200 (one stick) 1 gb ram DDR400
sapphire ati radeon 9600xt ultimate
nec standard floppy
maxtor 120gb (slave, thats where linux will be installed)
maxtor 40gb (master with winsuck xp on it)
plextor dvd-rom (master)
plextor cd-r/rw (slave)