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    Mandrake 10 install with USB Logitech Cordless KB/Mouse


    I have a logitech cordless elite duo keyboard/mouse set.

    If i boot into dos from a boot disk etc, i do seem to have keyboard and mouse support... (can't test it right now since my floppy seems to be not working - another story!)...however, the kb atleast works if i go into the bios..

    however, upon trying to install mandrake, on the 1st screen (where it asks to hit enter or f1 for more info) i have keyboard working...then it boots up some more and starts the gui to select language and go thru all the this point i have no keyboard or mouse.....i was thinking of trying to tell it not to auto scan, but i assume that will be dangerous or at least a lot more tricky getting everything right during the install...

    any ideas/help/similar experiences/work arounds, greatly appreciated.


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    What Mandrake version Are You Installing?
    It Will not be 10 ?
    Get Mandrakelinux version 10 from
    Mandrake 10 installer Is Graphical And There Are A Lot Of Mouses and keyboards supported .
    Usually, Linux Doesnt have drivers for USB devices, e.g. What IGot - Lexmark X1100 Printer, Zoom Camera, Or The Modem That I Changer To Ethernet Router + Modem - ZOOM 5110...
    What You Need Will Be Proper Keyboard, And Mouse

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    i have kind of the same problem keyboard works fine during the boot of the computer, and while no linux kernel is booted.
    but once i boot a kernel it doesn't work...could someone tell me how to install a natural keyboard (no microsoft fan but just good keyboards)...
    because it really won't work.
    i also tried the advice from the mandrake page for usb-chipsets from VIA...but doesn't work either...
    i don't see what the problem could be but if anyone could help i would be gratefull...

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    With USB keyboard and mice, you have to check in the BIOS setting if the legacy mode is activated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dufourro
    With USB keyboard and mice, you have to check in the BIOS setting if the legacy mode is activated.
    done that allready the keyboard and mice support is activated

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    I looked up the problem on google seems that loads of people had the same problem as me. so here is the solution for via chipsets who generates this kind of problem (installed on k7t266 pro 2 motherboard made by msi)
    edit your /etc/lilo.conf
    add to your linux boot options these:
    acpi=off noapic
    and then execute lilo -v
    reboot and you're mouse and usb keyboard should work fine
    daim chipsets...

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