I have Mandriva 2008.1 Free installed on my Dell comp on i945G with PentiumD945 3.4GHz.
In KPowersave with CPU frequency policy = powersave the frequency of the CPU is... 425MHz. If frequency policy is "dynamic", the frequency wobbles between 425MHz and 3.4GHz. KSysGuard reports exactly the same numbers, and it looks like truth, since in "powersave" my comp is damn slow - huge lags even when I open a new window in a browser, in "dynamic" the situation is slightly better, and in "performance", when freq = 3.4GHz all the time everything runs just sweet.
So my question is - how is it possible to downclock the CPU to 425MHz, since the mininum multiplier for CPU is fixed and is 12x, which at FSB=200MHz should give 2.4GHz? Does the system somehow drops FSB from 200MHz to almost 35MHz??? Does anyone know HOW it is possible - is it a special driver or what? Is it possible to tune it somehow in order to increase the lower limit for FSB frequency?
Thank you.