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    Volume stuck decreasing in the middle of my screen.

    I just installed Mandriva- and it was fine until the installation was complete.

    There is the Volume box that pop-ups when you are changing volume- stuck in the middle of my screen. I think this is because it is constantly decreasing.

    How do I fix this? Mostly I want the big Volume box out of my view- but I would also like to have volume. - Any suggestions?

    I'm a totally new- so I've played with some things. I tried to kill Kmix- but it would re-start immediately after. (and the volume box never went way) I tried to have no sound programs on the auto-start, but it didn't change anything (I wasn't familiar with most of those programs, so I might have missed one) I tried checking for jammed keys. (The shortcut on my keyboard is Fn-Page down and neither, let alone both, were jammed) I tried to erase all the short-cuts, and that also didn't help. (actually- my shortcuts still worked, so perhaps I did that wrong)

    I'm out of ideas that are obvious to me. (I'm probably missing it because I'm in windows mode still)

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    So you are using the KMix button shown on your taskbar? When you press it, it pops up and you can change the volume. That would be the normal way of doing the adjustment.
    If you're using 2008 Spring, I'm curious whether you have sounds or not. The problem is maybe up to PulseAudio. On some laptops the Fn buttons are not working properly with Linux. That could be another source of problems.
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    I'm not touching/using anything. It shows up immediatly after logging in. When it pops up I can increase it... but it will quickly decrease immediatly after.
    I am using 2008 Spirng, and Pulse Audio may be the problem (and I've messed with that too)
    It is a laptop- and the FN buttons work for muting and going up (and going down, but it doesn't really matter that that works- it just makes it decrease faster)

    I still don't know what to do.

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