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    Mandriva 2007 has some problems.

    I have Mandriva 2007 on my system. It has problems nowadays.

    Instead of starting the program it starts checking the file system.

    Fedora 7, open SuSE 10.2 and Mandriva 2007 coexists. GRUB helps me to select an operating system.

    Now Mandriva has gone to hell. It starts in the following manner.

    Checking root file system

    /dev/hdd7 contains a file system with errors, check forced

    It checks for a while and issues the following message:

    Give root password for maintenance or type Control-D to continue.

    Typing Control – D just reboot the computer; so it is not the correct option.

    I wrote the password and used the command 'fsck' .

    It started correcting some errors.

    When I got the system working in the usual graphical mode, the mouse was dead.

    I just have to switch off the power. That is a crude way of shutting down a computer.

    What is the problem? Your comments are welcome.

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    i used to have that problem it mostly came from that not shutting down the pc properly well thats what i noticed on mine

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    Thanks scrarfussi for the comments.

    I don't use an ordinary mouse. I am using a bar mouse. I am sure you have heard or seen those mouse. They are very expensive.

    For some reason, Mandriva has bad support for those mouse.

    I have never faced this problem with Fedora, open SuSE or Solaris.

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