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    Mandrake 10.2 on G3 ppc TWM running but !! - help wanted

    This installation has been problematic but I finally have Mandrake 10.2 running on a blue and white Power MacIntosh 1999 which was previously running Mac OS 8.6. Memory has been boosted to 750Mb. The ethernet port configured readily and the machine has access via the LAN to the net and so to rpms.

    There are still, however, a few problems and I wonder if someone can offer some assistance.

    My major issue is that TWM is starting nicely but it does not connect to the underlying command layer. This means that no Applications show up as available and the console window when opened does not admit typing. Exit does work.

    The message:- Failed to load module "usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libglx.a" (once-only module, 604251176) is proving hard to deal with in spite of attempting to fiddle with the symbolic links as recommended in some posts found on the net. It may be that not all of the files needed are actually present although with find playing up this is difficult to be sure about. Is there a technique involving reinstalling the relevant rpm?

    find generates the WARNING: Hard link count is wrong for /proc/1/task: this may be a bug in your file system driver.
    A search on the net indicates that this error relates to a kernel error. One site suggested simply redirecting the error message to the error stream. Are there any other techniques for dealing with the problem?

    An rpm -Va indicates that a number of font files are missing eg:
    I know that I have downloaded and installed the rpm for this font but it has not fixed the problem.

    Several rpms have dependency issues notably: aspell wants a dictionary;
    libORBit2 has issues and so does libesound0.

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    libglx issue

    I revisited the site where I saw the material on creating symbolic links to fix the libglx problem at: GLX and Hoary - Ubuntu Forums

    Following the instructions given there to create a symbolic link appears to have done the job. The machine now does not report a failure to load the libglx module. It starts up and goes straight to a gui login.

    The other issues and the major problem to do with the gui not accessing the underlying commands remain.

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