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    Exclamation Linux newbie here, need some basic help PLEASE

    Now before I go and screw everything up and delete files I don't want to, I need to create a new user called "sandbox" to play around in and learn my way around. I think I did though, because it shows up next to "guest" in /home/.

    Got any advice on how to do this right? Websites? Anything?

    COMPLETE NOOB for linux. Need some much needed advice/help.

    I need to create a "sandbox" user so I CANNOT touch/delete any files needed to actually run the base system of linux.

    Oh, and another thing. Is there anyway to set all folders for this "sandbox" user I need to create or whatever so that I don't have to always have "access denied" message over and over again? I got this when I just wanted to put a friggin background on there...

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    Hi and welcome! It sounds to me you aren't signed in as "sandbox," otherwise, changing background shouldn't be a problem. Sign out and then back in as sandbox. If that gives you a problem and you can't sign in, maybe there is something amiss... Open Kuser. Open a terminal and type in:
    it will ask for root password. Also type that in and press enter. Now to start Kuser, type in:
    ...and press enter. Look and see if user "sandbox" is there. You might need to edit it for password or possibly create a user directory, but it sounds like you have that already. After editing in kuser, save exit out to kdm (the sign in manager type thing) and try again.
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    Hi there welcome to the forums since you posted in mandriva forum i'll assume you running mandriva now to add a new user the easy way in mandriva go to your menu run command type mcc run it will ask for password put your root password go to system manage users on system add users there you can add a user give sandbox his own home folder everything thats in his home folder can be modified by him the rest belongs too root

    Now the other method which is a bit harder and requires some linux knowledge from terminal as root type useradd -m sandbox passwd sandbox this should create a user called sandbox and his home directory

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    Is there anyway to change an automatic login? I can't seem to do so and I always log in under guest. BTW this is on pendrive linux (on a usb flash)

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