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    [SOLVED] possible virus

    Over night my machine runs the cpus at full speed to overheating them. just started doing this last night and my machine stops responding to the mouse. i already have clam av installed according to the installer that comes with spring 2008 but i can't find it anywhere to do a scan or update it or anything. i am on an amd duel core, running kde.


    thanks to all of you who respond

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    First of all, execute top command and check which process is taking most %CPU.
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    how do i do that

    how can i get to konsole when my mouse will not work. also my task bar will hardly open it is like it doesn't exist. is there a keyboard shortcut to be able to get the command typed in and executed.


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    Hit Alt+F2 and you can type application names. Also if you just want to reboot just try tapping your power button (not holding) and your logout dialog should pop up. You can navigate with TAB or the cursor keys and hit enter at the end.

    As a last result, if X locks up completely and you are configured to use it you can force a safe reboot using a direct kernel command. Hold Alt and SysRQ (on the printscreen key usually) and then type in order R,S,E,I,U,B.

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    clam av

    i will try those next time it does it. however, how do i use clam av or is there a better virus checker. i am not using wine or any other windows type thing.


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    I'd be extremely surprised if you found a true virus on your Linux system. That said, I've never used an AV application under Linux personally, so don't know about any better AV applications made for Linux.

    However, you can get the latest Clam AV User Manual here:

    Index of /doc/latest

    Hope it helps.

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    Did an update occur before this happened? If so it might be worth checking the Mandriva web site to see if any other people are experiencing this
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    firefox 3

    no update but i did just download firefox3 the day this started. i don't think i installed it quite right but i got it to work somewhat i deleted it off my machine but it still does it. i cant use the top command and i lost the printout that said the kernel commands to restart the machine i hit control alt del said restart it went to a command line and from there all i knew was to hold power button in i know that is bad but i had no other way of dealing with it.

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    top results

    ok i have a tops report from super karamba widget.

    X root 47.5
    artsd me 0.7
    kaffeine me 0.6
    pulseaudio me .5
    superkaramba 0.5

    i was able to reboot after hiting ctrl alt del and then i hit the power button

    other than that my menu bar would not show up when the mouse was on the edge of the screen the mouse will move but not activate anything.

    it only happens if the box sits unattended for a while

    thanks for the help..Bower

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    Talking Solved

    i was running the super karamba theme easy monitor 0.4 and since i stoped it my box has been fine. case closed


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