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    New User wanting to try mandrake not sure on hardware

    I was thinking about trying out mandrake linux 9.2 or 10. I'm not sure about the hardware I should use. I'am building a completely new system and I've checked with the supported hardware page for mandrake and I found many parts that arent really new.
    Which chipset should I go with nforce,sis,via and what Brand of motherboard would be good for mandrake? Some motherboards get errors etc if trying to use linux. I was thinking of either getting a motherboard from Asus,DFI,Soyo or Abit. I was going to get a cheaper motherboard that wasn't name brand but I don't know how that would stand up for using linux.
    I also have a hard drive a seagate barracuda 40 gig and the model number wasnt on the support hardware page for mandrake could this hard drive still work? What brand of sound cards work well with linux?

    I need the help thanks.


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    Personally I have used many ASUS boards with Linux and have had no trouble to speak of. Best sound card is Creative, I use the SB Live but have heard of issues with the Audigy. Next things are video and Lan. Your pretty safe with ATI or Nvidia these days and for a NIC I use 3com but the realtech work just fine as do most Dlink and Linksys( most of these use the realtech chips)

    Have fun

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    I've successfully installed Mandrake 9.2 on three different old and/or mongrel systems. This unit is a PCChips mobo with with Cyrix MII and SiS chipset. Ran it first with the mobo VGA. It's a little slow compared to my dual PIII with 1Gb ram, but I got it to run without checking any compatibility charts. BUT: from my experience and from reading the kinds of problems that get posted here, Mandrake is equally cruel to owners of hot rigs and owners of junk boxes. After struggling with Mandrake on two different rigs, I was blown away by the ease of my first Fedora Core 1 install. Okay, I couldn't get Fedora to go on my Pentium notebook with 810 Mb hard drive, but that's cool. It just seems to me that Fedora self-configures better and working with it seems much more intuitive. With Mandrake, at first, anyways I kept falling into deep dark holes: <reboot>.
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