Hello, I'm new to the forums, and hopefully I'll be using Mandrake soon.

Anyway, I own a 2Wire HomePortal 1000SW router, which connects to my USB 1.1, and to the phoneline, using some filter device, which keeps the computers on the network connected through HomePNA. So, currently I have WinXP installed on the computer which I'm typing this, and the 2Wire router is connected to it. There is another computer on the network, which is some old Intel Pentium 2 200MHz computer... Anyway, it has that little device that connects to its USB 1.1 as well, and to the phone line, with the same filter, connecting to the two computers through HomePNA. The operating system which is installed on that computer is WinME. So, I have my doubts now... so, a few questions, before I install Linux Mandrake;

I. Are there any drivers for my router for the Linux? I think there are only official drivers for the Mac OS and the Windows series. But, I found THIS and THIS pages on the knowledge base, of the support section on their Web site. Does it apply on Mandrake too? Can I get my router to work on Mandrake?

II. Say I install Mandrake, and I manage to connect using my router. Will the WinME system also be able to connect to the Internet? I mean, will the connection be shared, no matter what operating system we have?

Sorry for the bother, and... Thanks in advance!